How do I upgrade my service to include notification of opening and closing signal via sms?

We do provide this service, however there is an additional
cost to cover the sms cost. If you wish to have this service, kindly contact our sales department on 0861 627732 or email

I already have an alarm; can Marshall Security take over the monitoring?

Yes we can easily link any recognised alarm system to our control room. Please contact our sales department on 0861 627732 or email for more information.

I wish to add additional protection to my existing alarm, who should I contact?

You can contact our sales department by calling 0861627732 and request to be transferred to sales or email


What should I do when I have a technical problem with my alarm?

You can contact our technical department 0861 627732 to book a call out, alternatively email After hours calls can be logged at our control room.

What should I do when there is a power failure and my alarm starts beeping?

If your alarm starts beeping during a power failure, punch in your four digit code. This should stop the beeping. It is the alarm’s way of informing you that the power to the system has been cut and that your alarm is running on your battery.

Do I need to advise you if I have dogs on my premises?

Yes, when your initial contract is entered into, that information should be collected by our staff and uploaded onto our control room system. Should your circumstances change at any time, we request that you email us and advise us on giving the new information, whereafter a staff member will contact you to verify your identity and the correctness of the information provided.

How do I test my alarm?

First contact the control room on 0861 627732, advise them of your details and that you intend to test your alarm. The control room operator will explain the process to you. Our peak times are from 07:00 – 09:00 and between 16:00 and 18:30. We request all clients to please test their alarms outside these periods.

How do I update my key-holder and/or personal details?

You are requested to submit this information in writing to our control room on with the subject ‘client information update’ providing your details and the information you wish to be changed. Our control room staff will then contact you to verify your identity and what information must be changed.

What area does Marshall Security cover?

In respect of our armed response service, in order to ensure the best response time and service to our customers, we limit our response area from North of the Umgeni River to South of the Umhlanga River with the Western boundary being the N2 freeway, together with the areas, Mount Edgecombe and Cornubia Industrial Estate.
In respect of our guarding service, these are offered throughout the greater Durban Metro area.

What is the advantage of dual monitoring?

Various methods can be used for your alarm to communicate with the control room. For example, radio, telephone or GSM / GPRS.To ensure that your signal is received and is not interfered with (for example by cutting your phone line) we recommend that where possible, two methods are used to connect your alarm to the control room.

What shall I do when I need an additional sign board or to replace an old sign board?

You are requested to contact our control room on 0861 627732

Why can’t I test your response time?

Testing our response time by purposely activating the alarm and not cancelling same puts other people’s lives at risk who have a real emergency. As a result, purposely testing a response time is prohibited in your agreement with us.